A bottle of premium Japanese whisky has sold for a record 299 of thousands of dollars In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

Employees of Sotheby’s recognized that in Hong Kong sold a bottle of alcohol for a record 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars (approximately 294 thousand dollars). Representatives of Forbes magazine pointed out that Japanese whiskey is a record price and there is a similar sale for the first time in history.


Bottled drink 50-year-old was back in 2011. The previous record in this area was installed during the sale of alcohol of the same brand over 129 thousand dollars.
The representatives of the portal Scotchwhisky.com claim that the organizers of the auction had not planned to help out for a lot more than 140 thousand dollars. As a result of his tried to buy almost all bidders from Asia, however, was able to defeat the inhabitant of Hong Kong.

Yamazaki brand is the property of the Japanese company Suntory. In 2014 the almanac Whisky Bible recognized drinks this manufacturer is probably the best in the world because of the popularity of Japanese whiskies is increasing dramatically every day and their opening European gourmets and connoisseurs.