A British court ordered the man to inform the police of the intention to have sex : In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

A UK court has acquitted a man accused of rape. The Ministry has imposed a rather strange limitation: now he is obliged each time to have sex to tell the police.


The decision of the court of York is plunged into a state of frustration the attorneys of the Respondent. Man acquitted in rape case. The victim admitted that sexual intercourse had been consensual. The magistrate ordered the accused every time before having sex to inform the police. This man should be called the age of the partner name, and event location per day prior to intercourse. The restriction will be in effect until April of this year, but if justified, will hide at least one act of intercourse, he could be imprisoned for five years. In addition, he has restricted access to mobile telephone and Internet, so it won’t harm anyone of his excessive sexual activity.

Lawyers for the men appealed, a hearing is scheduled for may.