A bus driver hidden risk to be punished

News 21 October, 2017
  • Photo courtesy Liam Ragan

    Vincent Larin

    Friday, 20 October 2017 22:36

    Friday, 20 October 2017 22:36

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    A bus driver from Montreal who wore a mask to protest against the adoption of the draft law 62 could be punished for this gesture.

    “This employee has been identified and he will be met by his superior. According to his employee file, disciplinary action may be taken “, has confirmed by e-mail, a spokesperson for the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), Amélie Régis.

    A photo of the man in question has been published on Facebook before noon on Friday. We see it with a scarf to mask his face and he pose with the thumbs raised. At the same time, several people protested in front of the bus stops along the avenue in the Park against the adoption of the draft law 62.

    Adopted on Wednesday at the national Assembly, this draft law foresees that public services, including public transport, will need to be given and received face to face in Quebec.

    Not of the referees

    The canadian Union of public employees (CUPE), which represents the drivers of the STM, however, considers that it is not the role of those involved in the case, where people would like to climb on the bus with the face covered.

    “Our members do not have to do the gendarmes, they do not have to be the referee,” said a spokesperson for CUPE, Ronald Boisrond.

    The STM has confirmed that the employee hidden, could be picked up precisely in connection with this incident without explaining what would be the disciplinary action taken against her.

    Amélie Régis, however, has given the example of “a written notice or a suspension,” adding that the sanctions varied according to the file of the employee and the gradation of the sanctions.

    A gesture wacky

    The canadian Union of the public service of Canada employees (CUPE), which represents the drivers of the STM was confirmed to have had knowledge of the incident.

    “It is an individual initiative. Common sense tells us not to encourage such things, ” says Ronald Boisrond.

    Although the union does not encourage such actions on the part of its members, Mr. Boisrond was assured that he would do all in his power to defend the driver.

    “It is a gesture of wacky, but it is certainly not a heinous act “, he said.

    In the framework of the project of act 62, the STM has given instructions to its employees to keep the status quo the time to analyze its provisions, indicates Amélie Régis.