A Chinese tourist was punished for driving too slow : In the World : Vladim

News 26 January, 2018

Law enforcement officials in the UK arrested a tourist from China who was not able to pay the penalty of 100 pounds, discharged her for excessive slow driving.


A penalty of about 8 thousand rubles were waiting for the Chinese girl because she was moving with a speed of about 65km/h on a stretch of highway where you had to observe the speed limit in the area is 112 km/h. a Tourist from China was kept in pre-trial detention centre for 15 hours due to the fact that she was unable to pay the resulting fine. Representatives of the British police said that the behavior of the girl in the road caused some doubt, as her car is constantly rebuilt on different strips, and a grief-the driver too often pressed on the brake pedal.

Itself, the Chinese noticed that the British police did with it is extremely uncharitable and rude, saying that she expected more respectful treatment.