A Christmas meal for breaking the isolation of poor women

News 13 December, 2017
  • Photo Camille Garnier
    Marina Boulos
    Director Chez Doris

    Camille Garnier

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 21:34

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 21:34

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    More than 200 poor women who are particularly affected by loneliness during the Holiday season were able to take advantage Wednesday of a Christmas meal offered by the organization to help women in trouble With Doris.

    “I have children, but they will not come to see me the 24, for me Christmas, it really is today “, stated Wednesday Dynard Jacob before tucking in with a group of friends in the local church Évangel, located in the street Sainte-Catherine, in Montreal.

    Lack of money

    This 56 year old woman who receives social assistance has only $ 300 per month to live on once she has paid her rent.

    “We feel even more the lack of money at Christmas, because there are posters and specials everywhere, it was explained it. There are things that you can’t enjoy. “


    To help these women forget the time one day their loneliness and their lack of means, the body In Doris had expected, in addition to food and music, custom gifts.

    “We have a list of all the Christmas greetings of the 240 women, confirmed the director of Chez Doris, Marina Boulos. It can be a crucifix, a gift certificate for the IGA or the red lips. It is really nice to make them happy. “

    This is the 40th consecutive year that the organization offers this Holiday meal.