A conservative member of parliament binds a bombing in the twin towers illegal tobacco

News 2 March, 2018
  • Diane Finley

    Christopher Nardi

    Friday, 2 march, 2018 18:33

    Friday, 2 march 2018, 18:36

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    OTTAWA-A conservative member of parliament against plain packaging for packets of cigarettes, has argued that it would encourage tobacco smuggling, that she swears has also financed a bomb attack at the World trade center. An argument which has not failed to make batting an eyelid.

    “Believe me, the situation [of the contraband] is worse and has an impact far more significant than most of us want to admit it. I know, personally, through my more than 40 years of experience in this industry. The illegal tobacco has been declared as a financial factors are key when it blew up the twin towers. This is what this issue is serious. That people believe it or not, it is a proven fact”, has launched Diane Finley Wednesday in front of his colleagues stunned the standing committee on health.

    They are now studying a draft law which proposes to better regulate the sale of tobacco products and smoking, and also opens the door to the imposition of a plain packaging to companies of cigarettes.

    As proof that contraband tobacco has played a major role in the waiting to the bomb that had 6 deaths and over 1000 injured in 1993, the office of Ms. Finley has given the Journal a study published in 2003.

    In this report, which studied the link between tobacco smuggling and terrorism, a single sentence indicated that the police had recovered fake stamps used to mark the payment of taxes on packs of cigarettes in the apartment of one of the terrorists.

    “Conspiracy theory”

    But the words of Ms. Finley in the committee fall squarely in the conspiracy theory worthy of those surrounding Roswell (Area 51) and the trip to lunar of the Apollo mission in 1969, believes for his part, Dr. Doug Eyolfson, member liberal of the same committee.

    “The congresswoman believes that there is a link between plain packaging and the increase of the contraband tobacco, which is still not proven from a reliable source. Then, it makes the link between the illicit tobacco trade and the funding of bomb attacks in 1993? It is the fear-mongering shameless on his part”, said the mp Eyolfson.

    It had also responded immediately to Ms. Finley at the meeting, calling his comments “absurd”.

    Even the sound of a bell in the spokesperson of the quebec Coalition for tobacco control (CQCT), who was also present at the meeting of the committee, and admits that he had trouble remember his laugh when she heard the remarks of Ms. Finley.

    “It was completely ridiculous, especially when we know that in the 1990s, the majority of the production of illegal tobacco was made by the aboriginal communities. This would essentially be to say that the indigenous people have funded this attack,” says the spokesperson Flory Doucas.

    At the time of writing these lines, Mrs. Finley had not responded to interview requests from the Journal.