A couple of new millionaires in Quebec city

News 15 August, 2017
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    Pierre-Paul Biron

    Tuesday, 15 August, 2017 14:55

    Tuesday, 15 August, 2017 14:55

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    A couple of Quebec woke up richer by$ 6.4 Million last Saturday after winning the jackpot from the Lotto 6/49, a surprise arrives just in time for their holiday!

    Gina-Lita Therrien and Yvon Turgeon had a waking dream on the 12th of August last. A natural early riser, Ms. Therrien has checked his tickets by looking at the winning numbers. Knowing by heart his combination, she quickly realized what was happening, and rushed to wake up his spouse.

    In spite of everything, the new millionaires were struggling to believe what was happening to them until their arrival at Loto-Québec. “Is it that you are certain that we won?”, went on endlessly, Mrs. Therrien until a clerk confirms the gain. “We were like on a cloud.”

    The nice surprise came only a few days before the beginning of the vacation that the couple had planned. “It falls to the point time, letting the dust fall back on our feet and digest the happy event,” says Gina-Lita Therrien.

    Several projects

    She and her husband already have ideas of projects, including a return to studies to devote himself to the study of languages and the launch of a creative project. Ms. Therrien plans to keep her job to be filled “to spike his pay without counting”. “This gain comes to bring us a freedom to make choices and things for us”, says the happy winner.

    The total gain of the torque is 6 437 793$ since they share the jackpot of$ 12.8 M with a couple from Ontario. The winning ticket had been bought at a branch office, Layer-Later the boulevard Pierre-Bertrand, detailing who will receive 1% of the gain, so the 64 000$