A couple of Quebecers stuck in Cuba

News 27 August, 2017
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    Tristan Levesque was his first holiday in two years when he left with his girlfriend, Sarah Belleville. They are stuck in Cuba and ” left to themselves “.

    Valerie Bidégaré

    Sunday, 27 August, 2017 00:00

    Sunday, 27 August, 2017 00:00

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    The trip to Cuba of a young couple from Quebec has turned into a ” nightmare “, on Thursday, when the plane that was to take them to Montreal had to turn back due to a technical problem. Since then, the lovers are stuck in Camagüey and they don’t know when they will be able to go home.

    Tristan Levesque and Sarah Belleville have left the international airport Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, Montreal August 17, in the direction of the city of Camagüey, located in Santa Lucia, Cuba, on board an aircraft of Air Cubana.

    According to the mother of Tristan, the couple has booked her trip about three weeks before departure and opted for a package offered by Caribe Sol.

    “The nightmare began on the 24th of August,” says the young man on his page Facebook, while the lovers are rendered as expected at the airport of Camagüey to 16: 30 for take off at 19: 50.

    “The plane starts to move for take off, but it turns back because the driver told us that there was a technical problem with the aircraft. A radar of any kind does not work, ” says Mr. Levesque. “[…] To 20: 20, after waiting a little in the plane, the pilot decides to take off. […] It warns us that we will return to the airport because of the technical problem is not finally settled “, he adds.

    However, the flight would have hovered in the air for 2 h 30 before landing, according to what the son has told his mother. “We then landed, and they made it ride in a coach to bring them back into a hotel that was no longer theirs,” says Marie-Claude Lévesque.

    “On the 25th, we embarked to return to the airport. They have made their check-in and remained there close to 12 pm only to be told that they were going to take over a bus and return to the hotel around 3 am in the morning. Since then, they are waiting “, said she.

    “A great comedy “

    A “hundred” of passengers would be stuck with the couple to Cuba, and all are unaware of when they will return. “We are in total ignorance […]. It is a great comedy, ” says Tristan.

    “There are no agents of Caribe Sol on the spot, not agents of Cubana and the hotel knows nothing. They are completely in the nothingness. Some have heard a rumor that they returned Thursday. Imagine. A week later ! ” denounces the mother who tried to join the two companies and the Consulate general of Cuba in Montreal, without success.

    “Everything is closed. We know nothing, nothing, nothing. I begin to doubt that Cubana is in difficulty and is not able to do repair its devices. […] This is not reassuring to know that the devices are grounded and that no one can take over on the other “, is concerned Lévesque, who is anxious to know his son safe at home.

    The young man is, moreover, to initiate proceedings, upon his return, to claim the damages caused by the situation. “He had to work the 25th and 26th. It has lost about $ 800 of income, ” laments his mother. “My son just waiting to land in Montreal to claim damages. “

    The Journal has tried to reach the airline Cubana de same as Caribe Sol, but it has not responded to his calls.