A couple of US have lost all their belongings during a trip around the world : In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

A couple from the USA lost everything they had when their boat sank during a voyage around the world. Sad story reported by the American press.


According to husband and wife, they are tired of the hard life, in which they had to require people to do things they do not want. The couple decided to save money for world travel. A husband and his wife sold their marital property, including transportation, and purchased the boat. The head of the family had experience sailing, which passed the respective courses from his father.

A few days ago, they sailed from the Bay, but the next day the boat hit something at sea and sank. The pair managed to pick up documents, cash, mobile and cards as well as your dog. They have no jobs, homes and savings. Says the head of the family Broadwell, he sold everything for the dream, but lost everything in 20 minutes. After hearing their story, other people began to help the victims who are not going to betray the dream and sail on a boat the whole world.