A Danish zoo has asked visitors to bring Pets to feed the predators

News 23 December, 2017

Two zoos of Denmark offered its visitors to bring Pets to feed predators. This was reported by foreign media.


Zoos of Copenhagen and Givskud asked local residents to bring Pets to feed. For these purposes, the best Guinea pigs and rabbits, said the organizations. Anne-Sophie eller, an employee of the Copenhagen zoo explained that cats and dogs bring on feeding tigers, lions and wolves would not only be unethical, but also harmful due to the fact that these animals are not included in the natural diet of predators.

The head of another Danish zoo Richard Osterballe noted that this request does not constitute an offer to kill Pets, just the establishment trying to keep the predators. Also zoos propose to observe how the animals will have Pets. Osterballe suggests it will help kids to realize where actually lost their animals after death. Moreover, animals like to play with the fur of a small animal, and its guts are good for the body predators.