A dentist is considered dangerous and is very difficult to remove

News 30 March, 2018
  • Photo Chantal Poirier
    Dr. Pascal Terjanian has refused to cooperate with the syndic of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec, that is why the investigations against him, not lead more.

    Hugo Duchaine

    Friday, 30 march 2018 01:00

    Friday, 30 march 2018 01:00

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    A dentist is considered dangerous and is still in his clinic in Terrebonne, despite the vain attempt and repeated his or her professional order to write it off.

    “The protection of the public is severely endangered, as is the health of his patients […] I ask you to remove Dr. Terjanian permanently,” argued the syndic of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec, Pierre Lafleur, the last week before its disciplinary Board.

    The Order tries to strike from the dentist Pascal Terjanian for nearly 10 years. But the latter has appealed to the professions Tribunal each sanction received by the disciplinary Board.

    “It was a professional who uses the judicial system to the maximum. It is out of our hands […] it worries us and we are angry, ” adds his colleague Mario Mailhot, also a trustee.

    35 complaints in 20 years

    For nearly 20 years, 35 complaints have been filed against the dentist by his professional order. It is 11 ethics complaints and 24 complaints for non-co-operation.

    The complaints “involving nearly all areas of dentistry […] the behavior and integrity,” Dr. Terjanian, according to Peter Lafleur.

    “He is not cooperating with our investigation, so that several have been suspended […] because there is a lack of information,” he says.

    But the advocate of Pascal Terjanian, François Brunet, believes rather that the Order is bent on the dentist.

    “Because my client refused to kneel before the trustee “, he said at the end of a hearing last week.

    The dentist had to receive his sanction for a complaint dating back to 2006, and for which he had been convicted in September 2015. But it did not show up because he is ill, according to his lawyer, stating he follows a ” psychodynamic psychotherapy “.

    He is anxious

    His client is very “anxious” before the discipline Council, he reported, stressing that it is already fainted in open court, after the president refused to postpone a hearing, not believing that he was sick. Me Brunet said to hold four certificates of CHUM confirming that his client has made syncope vasovagales.

    Last week, the lawyer called for an adjournment of the hearing on sanction. When this was refused because he had no witness to justify it, he wanted to get ” an adjournment of the hearing on request for a postponement of the hearing on sanction.”

    The hearing finally began, but it should continue in June and the lawyer’s account back to the load.

    His client is able to practice his profession, he says.

    As to successive calls of the sentences, he answered that he ” always has flaws and issues in all the decisions “.

    Four years ago, a judge has overturned a temporary radiation obtained against Pascal Terjanian, emphasizing that the trustee could succeed to the refusal of the dentist, what he has not done so.

    Dr. Mailhot replied that even if the power to search exists, the trustee may not search as would a police officer in the workbooks of a professional. He reminded that the law requires the dentist to work.

    Pascal Terjanian has been recalled by The Newspaper with his lawyer on the line.

    “It is the personal problems that Dr. Terjanian doesn’t want to see spread out in newspapers,” stated François Brunet on the attitude of his client with his or her professional order.


    The charge

    The list of complaints and alleged offences to Dr. Pascal Terjanian by the Order of dentists is long. Treatments non-necessary or non-compliant, intimidation of patients, have claimed amounts for treatments not delivered and even the actions disloyal to other dentists.

    Sexual misconduct

    Between December 2008 and march 2009, at his residence in Laval, the dentist allegedly committed abusive sexual nature towards a patient, with whom he was in professional relationship.

    Before the disciplinary Board, the patient was told that Dr. Terjanian would have invited him home, and then in his room, where he would then began to caress and undress her strength. He then allegedly tried to him to open her legs, but she would have resisted. It would have penetrated three or four times before stopping.


    During the months of September and October 2001, the dentist would have made of the treatment of facets in the mouth of his patient, of the treatments not required, without sufficient reason, unsuitable or disproportionate to the needs of his patient, poorly executed, and contrary to the standards.

    The complainant has stated, in particular, have noted with surprise that all her teeth had been carved.

    Between July 2005 and August 2007, it would have made orthodontic treatments into a patient’s mouth, but contrary to the generally accepted standards of dental medicine.

    Lack of integrity

    In June 2003, he would have claimed to the insurer of a patient a fee for services not performed.

    In September 2005, it would have been a patient of the fees for professional acts ever supplied to the latter.

    His failure to cooperate in an investigation of the trustee with respect to many purchases of controlled drugs, including the nature and the amounts appear excessive.

    It has also failed to submit dental records of patients, including one who was said to have been the object of harassment on the part of the dentist and his staff to accept treatment.