A drug addict was saved thanks to his addiction to cards, hockey

News 8 July, 2017
  • Photo special collaboration, andrée-anne riel
    Eric Denis has set aside the heroine two years ago to focus on a new passion, cards hockey.

    Yanick Fish

    Saturday, July 8, 2017 22:06

    Saturday, July 8, 2017 22:06

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    GRENVILLE | An addict for a long time has swapped heroin for the cards of hockey to resume their life in their hands and keep his family.

    Eric Denis began taking drugs at the age of 10 years. Initially, he was smoking cannabis and sniffait of the glue. At age 14, it is passed to the mescaline.

    Quickly, he began to consume hard drugs like heroin in the company of homeless and drug addicts. He fled his family home of Grenville, in Laurentides, to ending up on the street.

    Happy meeting

    He spent four years living for the next dose, until he crosses the path of Daniel Cross, a Concordia University professor who was looking for homeless people in order to shoot a film on the street.

    “He showed me the film and gave me my first chance,” he said Denis. Unfortunately, I was using a lot of cocaine, at this time, and I have not always been nice to them. “

    The soul sister

    In 2014, he met a new flame. A little girl was born of this union in 2015.

    Determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past, he chose to find an alternative solution to the addiction.

    Hockey enthusiast, he discovered the cards hockey. It is said that in addition to being better for her physical and mental health, the hobby would bequeath something meaningful to the child.

    The next day, he has swapped her drug addiction for an addiction to the cards.

    “I had a beautiful wife and a beautiful child. I had a decision to make. I had to do something. I started to buy a package, then another, then a box. I realized that it would make a good inheritance for my daughter. I realized that it was pleasant, and after an hour, the cards were still there, in contrast to the effect of the drug, which ” statue there.

    Eric Denis says to spend about as much money in cards of hockey that he was into heroin. It is, however, more intelligently, focusing on the basic needs of his family before packages.

    A treasure of $100,000

    In a few years, it has managed to raise 30 000 cards hockey. It evaluates its treasury to approximately $100,000.

    “My wife finds me a little dumb sometimes buy as many cards. When I show him the Beckett and the (Sydney) Crosby at $ 800, it includes a little better. Imagine what it will be when I will be ready to bequeath my collection to my daughter ! ” he continues.

    If the cards of hockey took care of the mental part of their addiction, Eric Denis has consulted a doctor and got a prescription of methadone for the portion physical the time of weaning.

    Today 37-year-old, he has just completed his fifth secondary school and move on to studies in mechanics of heavy vehicles in the Centre of training of road transport Saint-Jerome.