A false alarm in missile shakes Hawaii

News 14 January, 2018
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    Brigitte Thériault, a Quebec-based in Hawaii with his family, had never lived such a situation.

    Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 22:34

    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 22:34

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    A warning missile is sent by mistake to the people of Hawaii, Saturday, sowed disorder and confusion through the archipelago, the authorities to confirm quickly the imminence of the threat.

    “THE THREAT OF BALLISTIC MISSILE ON HAWAII. PUT YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY TO The SHELTER. THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE “, stated the message that is relayed by the system Amber Alert.

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    The State governor David Ige and the local agency management event of emergency, each insured, in the minutes that followed, the hawaiian archipelago was not threatened, in a context where the threat of nuclear attack to be exchanged between the United States and North Korea leave a situation that is very tense.

    A message fix has been sent a few tens of minutes after the false alarm. The democratic senator of Hawaii, Brian Schatz has tweeted that the incident was due to ” human error “, without more precision.


    A family of Quebec established in Hawaii has woken up in the anguish and helplessness, then that resounded the alert on the mobile phones.

    Brigitte Thériault, her husband and her three children had never experienced anything like this, the ones who live most of the year on the island of Kauai for nearly five years.

    “When you get an alert like that, here, it is often due to flooding. There, we saw the alert at the missile. We stayed stunned, ” said the photographer of 43 years, in a telephone interview with The Journal.

    “It was a mixed feeling of panic and “we don’t know what to do,” ” says Ms. Thériault, stating that the buildings in Kauai are free of sub-soil, leaving the residents without shelter in the event of a potential disaster.

    Review his plans ?

    The family to Hawaii for “an indefinite period” may well be forced to revise its plans, according to the mother of a family.

    “I always thought that it was too small for them to attack us. But at the same time, it is one of the points in the United States that is nearest to North Korea, ” she said.

    “We came here because this is really a nice place. But in this moment, we feel less safe. What beats me is that such a mistake has been committed. “

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