A false officer, has sold for $ 32,000 packages are bogus

News 17 March, 2018
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    Jessica Luong, Guilty

    Michael Nguyen

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 23:01

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 23:01

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    A false to be a travel agent in montreal confessed this week to have sold packages canister to a dozen people who have seen their dream vacation completely ruined.

    “Some of the victims presented themselves at the airport to realize that the tickets were not in their names, and another was trapped in Cuba and had to pay 3300 $ because the package had been purchased with a credit card fraudulent,” said the attorney Jimmy Simard, this week, at the palais de justice of Montreal.

    For three years, Jessica Luong did not hesitate to defraud strangers, but also knowledge of long-standing, to pay his own travel paradise in the South. The total amount of the fraud is estimated at 32 000 $, not to mention all the disadvantages suffered by the victims.

    It all began in December 2013, when the fraudeuse of 28 years left with her family to Punta Cana, by paying with a cheque is not valid. A few months later, she “borrowed” an old friend of 1350 $, paying with a cheque of $ 2000 attached to a bank account non-existent.

    “The modus operandi of madame was simple, but it is then more complex,” has explained to Me Simard, while Luong plead guilty to fraud and use of false.


    It is in 2015 that Luong has begun to be more active in its fraud. In the summer, she met an old acquaintance from cegep who was looking to go on holiday with his spouse. Luong has smelled the good deal and convinced her to just book for the couple.

    “The spouse of the victim has handed his credit card number and, immediately after, there have been fraudulent transactions, has explained to Me Simard. When the spouse called Air Canada, there was no reservation in his name. “

    Another victim got fooled in a similar way, but it is realized only in the position of the Air Transat check, at the airport.

    “It’s just an error,” replied Luong.


    His last fraud dates back to 2017, when she suggests to newcomers that they would enroll their child in school.

    She has collected nearly $ 13,000 in pretending that it was to pay various fees, so that all the money was deposited in his account. Worse still, the child had never been enrolled in school. The pot aux roses was discovered and, after discussion, the father of Luong has reimbursed the money embezzled by his daughter.

    “Ms. Luong regrets his actions, and she recognizes his wrongs,” assured his lawyer, Mustapha Mahmoud.

    And to prove the good will of his client, Mr. Mahmoud ensures that the woman will pay back all the money that has been defrauded.

    “She really wants “, he assured.

    Luong will return to court in June for the oral arguments on the sentence to impose.