A family member of the Carrier regrets the approach behind the national Day against islamophobia

News 10 January, 2018
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    Maude Carrier is one of the victims of a bombing in Burkina Faso occurred in January 2016.

    Pierre-Paul Biron

    Wednesday, 10 January, 2018 20:12

    Wednesday, 10 January, 2018 20:16

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    A close family Carrier, which has seen four of his followers who fell under the bullets of the islamists in an attack in Burkina Faso in January 2016 has spoken of the possibility of a national day against islamophobia on the margins of the commemorations of the bombing of the Mosque of Quebec.

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    Camille Carrier, the mother of Maude Carrier and ex-spouse of Yves Carrier, has stressed on the social networks, its deep unease about the demand made by the muslim community earlier this week.

    “I am very affected emotionally by this request for the establishment of an annual day to commemorate the fact that 6 people praying were killed by an individual anti-islam “, she said in a message on Facebook. “I’m part of a family that has lost 6 people that we loved and appreciated and which were killed by islamists. […] Other Quebecers are also dead here. And nobody here has called for a day to commemorate these events and we do not spend time to remember. “


    Later in his message relayed hundreds of times on Facebook, Mrs. Carrier says to be angry and to be against ” the idea of a commemoration year after year (of) the action of a Quebecer as if we should all feel guilty “.

    Camille Carrier also concerns the government if he were to accept the demands of the muslim community for such a commemorative day.

    “Why not also establish a day to commemorate all the victims of islamism and the damage experienced by their families and friends “, questions the woman about the death of his relatives, died while they were in the process of putting in action their love for others by participating in the construction of a school in Africa “.

    Dead tragic

    It is in an attack in Ouagadougou on 15 January 2016 Yves Carrier, Gladys Chamberland, Charlelie Carrier, Maude Carrier and their friends Louis Chabot and Suzanne Bernier lives were lost.

    The six Quebecers have fallen under the bullets of islamic terrorists who had targeted the hotel and restaurant the Cappucino, where they were seated. They were in the african country for a humanitarian aid trip.