A fan built an igloo to watch the Canadian

News 14 February, 2018
  • Photo special collaboration, carl vaillancourt
    Derek Parker warms up in his igloo with a gas fireplace to propane. In the background, a bar and a goal light add to the ambiance.

    Carl Vaillancourt

    Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 21:14

    Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 21:14

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    A man of Brossard has built an igloo that can accommodate a forty neighbors to watch the games of the Canadian.

    Derek Parker doesn’t like the winter, but he says that the construction of his igloo, behind his residence allows him to better support it.

    “At the beginning, it was for my children. Finally, it has become a place where listening to the parties with friends, family and neighborhood, ” said the man 45 years of age, who do not, despite the difficult season of his favorite team.

    Photo special collaboration, carl vaillancourt

    Installation view of the outside.


    An improved version

    Derek Parker had attempted a first igloo last winter, but it was smaller and intimate.

    This year, the structure of ice measuring 30 feet long (9 meters) and about 12 feet wide (3,66 meters). It can contain up to 40 supporters.

    “Two weeks ago, we invited the neighborhood to listen to the party. We were 36 persons. It’s still a little room for a few people, ” he told.

    Sheltered by a canvas roof, the space is well heated with a fireplace powered by propane gas.

    According to Mr. Parker, 568 blocks of ice and a hundred hours of work were needed to build the igloo sportsman.

    “I saw it out my window every day. I came two weeks ago. It was really a beautiful evening, ” said his neighbour, Yvon Dumas.

    Photo special collaboration, carl vaillancourt

    Yvon Dumas, Neighbor


    A beautiful winter, it has no price

    When each of the parties of the Canadian, Derek Parker moves the tv family of 42-inch in the living room to the igloo.

    The Brossardois estimated that the costs related to its project must exceed 1000 $, while its consumption of water represents a bill of $ 550, depending on its water meter, intelligent. It also offers hard liquor, beers, juices and soft drinks for visitors.

    “These are privileged moments. We have to forget the result of the game. Every match is a party “, he argued.