A father saw the mourning in the writing

News 28 January, 2018
    Physician and poet, Francis Pelletier hopes her writings will help others to avoid the tragic fate of his son, that we see the baby on the photo.

    Axel Marchand-Lamothe

    Sunday, 28 January, 2018 01:00

    Sunday, 28 January, 2018 01:00

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    “This night, my son Alexander has not been relieved of his last fall. Sea sickness is nothing next to the pain of living. Some pills have set to never… “

    It is in these words that Francis Pelletier, doctor, poet and photographer, announced the death of his son Alexander, aged 27 on its page Facebook, the 17 last January.

    “His death must serve some purpose. My greatest quality is to put feelings into words, ” says the resident of Nicolet, active in the field of arts for forty years.

    The problems of consumption of narcotic drugs by Alexandre Pelletier were known to the family for a long time. They are reflected in a number of texts that his father had published.

    “His suffering has never been greater than her pleasure. He never admitted he had a problem, ” says with candour Francis Pelletier, who directs The Pelleteurs of clouds, an enterprise of artistic creation.

    Photo courtesy

    Alexandre Pelletier, Deceased


    Easy access

    “With the internet and the dark web, this brings up the ease of access to products, denounces Mr. Pelletier. The drug sold on the street is already dangerous, so when it comes from overseas, there is even less control. “

    He hopes that his experience will have an effect on the “hesitant” to jump in the artificial paradise.

    “We will have beautiful imprison people and close labs, the sinews of war, it is the application,” he says.


    Alexander is described as a young man, generous and loving by friends and family who have always supported. Her downward spiral began in high school that he was a victim of bullying.

    “He was very sensitive and had a great culture. It was not the canvas of a drug user, ” said his father, who would have wanted to see the talent of his son hatch.

    The irony of fate, or troubling coincidence, Francis Pelletier participated recently in the creation of a collection of essays and photographs titled ” I wish you… A balm for the heart and soul, and almost prescient of the events to come for his son.

    Photo courtesy

    Shanya Todd, Girlfriend of the deceased



    There are also added several texts written since the death of her son as well as messages of sympathy that have touched him, including the girlfriend of Alexander, Shanya Todd, aged 19 years.

    Alexandre Pelletier had already done six treatments of detoxification, all of which have failed. The most recent was last summer and only lasted a few days.

    “The drugs had taken over him, said in tears to his girlfriend. He wanted to get out of it, but he was not able. “

    It was she who had discovered him unconscious at about 3 a.m. in the morning in their apartment in Trois-Rivières.

    According to her, this evening, he had consumed blue pills, probably copies of oxycodone.

    “Maybe it was cut with fentanyl. It may have taken a too much or a bad mix “, let it fall.

    A coroner’s inquest has been opened to determine the exact causes of his death.

    Extracts I wish you

    “It was nice to know that someone who climbs a steep cliff with bare hands risk her life… we always hope that it reaches one day to the summit, and the announcement of his fall remains brutal. “

    “Who has crossed, crosses or will cross a storm on the sea, unpredictable life… in Short, to you ! “

    “I wish you… the lucidity of being what you are, and the tenacity to become what you want. “

    “My son, I know you are going through a difficult period… It is hard, but these are the most important steps and the most interesting of our lives, those that we bring and we learn the most. “