A fine of $ 500 for abandoning his dog

News 13 December, 2017
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    Max was abandoned on the side of a road, tied to a pole with a sign saying : “To give chu a cellar lol ”

    Stéphane Sinclair

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 18:58

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 18:58

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    BROWNSBURG-CHATHAM | A citizen of the Laurentians, who has abandoned his dog by attaching it to a pole because he had broken his sofa has received a fine of $ 500 and is liable to be confiscated his other dog by the SPCA.

    Kevin Demers-Kennedy was admitted yesterday to have tied his dog Max, a 10-month-old, to a pole with a poster where it was written ” To give chu a cave lol. “

    When he returned to his work Monday, he found the bourrure sofa everywhere in his house in Brownsburg-Chatham in the Laurentians.

    “I farted a crisis of nerves, and I decided to get rid of it. I regret what I did, I would have had to offer it to someone else, ” he explains.

    Photo Stéphane Sinclair

    Kevin Demers-Kennedy

    Max did not remain long attached to a pole on the edge of the boulevard Saint-Joseph, as the temperature was around -8 to -10 °C.

    By chance, Tania Lauren, who was passing by, came to the aid of the dog by calling the Patrol canine. The technician in animal care has taken care of the dog until the arrival of Alexander Roy of the Patrol canine.

    According to the latter, it is not stayed too long outside.

    “We have seen that it had not made its needs. He was very nervous. It was a dog inside, that’s for sure, ” he said.

    Social networks

    The story raised an outcry on social networks. Demers-Kennedy boasted of his action to his work. He was thus able to be located quickly by the inspector of the Patrol canine.

    Alexandre Roy visited at the home of Kevin Demers-Kennedy yesterday to give him a $ 500 fine. The Sûreté du Québec had to intervene, because the wife of the man refused to open the door.

    After long minutes of waiting and after the police had activated his lights and siren, eventually, he let the policeman and the inspector of the City.

    Other dog confiscated?

    “In addition to the fine, he could confiscate his other dog by the SPCA because of his actions with his young dog,” says Alexandre Roy.

    In addition to having damaged his couch, Demers-Kennedy, explains that Max has done a lot of damage to his house.

    “It destroyed everything in the house. He ate the baseboards and grugeait even a pole to support the roof of the house, ” says Kevin Demers-Kennedy.

    The dog was presented to the centre “Rescue” in Ottawa, where he is awaiting a host family.