A fingerprint sensor under the screen of your smartphone? Vivo could be the first to offer it!

Techno 20 June, 2017

A video posted on Chinese social networks suggests that the manufacturer Vivo will integrate this new tech on the screen of his smartphone …
Published on the Chinese social network Weibo , the video unveils a smartphone with a fingerprint reader directly integrated under the screen. If today’s smartphones are mostly equipped with a scanner on the back of the phone or a button on the front, Vivo could decide to innovate to the delight of users. This could help him stand out, especially since Samsung would have abandoned the idea for his Galaxy Note 8 , just like Apple for his iPhone 8.
Supposed by Chinese Vivo, who would be the first to integrate this technology on its next phone, Samsung and even Apple, which provides a wireless recharge on its 2017 models , seem to be on the sidelines in terms of exclusivity. But if this virtual sensor is a major innovation in the smartphone market, this tech still seems a bit capricious. A little slow to react, the virtual Touch ID drive is still perfectible, even if it is only a prototype. Vivo is therefore expected at the turn. Business to follow!