A fire in Longueuil throws three families on the street

News 26 December, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Erik Peters

    QMI agency and TVA Nouvelles

    Monday, December 25 2017 08:39

    Monday, December 25 2017 08:39

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    LONGUEUIL | Three families were thrown into the street on Christmas eve due to a fire in a residential building of the rue Poincaré, near the Chambly road, Longueuil.

    The heating element of a stove left unattended was the cause of the disaster which is declared a little before 23: 30, Sunday evening. The fire then spread to the rest of the three-storey building.

    Three units of the building – which are about thirty of them – have been damaged and one of them would be a total loss. The damage is estimated at $200,000.

    The Red Cross has supported people who have lost their homes.

    No one was injured during the incident.