A first big dump tomorrow

News 11 December, 2017
  • Photo agence QMI, Joel Lemay
    Carl Boudreault and his son Paul, age 4, took advantage of a few inches of snow fell during the night to go drag at Jarry park, Sunday.

    Vincent Larin

    Monday, December 11, 2017 00:01

    Monday, December 11, 2017 00:01

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    A first snow storm majeure will hit the entire province of Quebec, starting tomorrow, with accumulations of 15 cm are expected in Montreal. Quebec and the east of the province will receive more.

    Strong winds are expected to mix with precipitation, especially in the capital region and in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, warns the meteorologist Environment Canada’s Alain Roberge.

    “It could result in blowing snow, especially in Quebec city and in the region of Bas-Saint-Laurent, where the visibility could be reduced,” he said.

    Even more cold

    For Montreal, the precipitation that will start tomorrow morning, should begin to weaken by late evening, but could stretch out until Wednesday morning.

    In Quebec, it should stop snowing in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, then that snowflakes could even fall in the Gaspé peninsula on Friday.

    The province will try to rise tomorrow, just before the beginning of the storm, so that announcement of the cold weather for the day today.

    But this lull should be completely clear once the storm has passed, towards the end of the week.

    The temperature should be close to average season for the storm, with temperatures of -2 to Montreal and from -4 to Quebec.

    A wave of cold will then cover the whole of the province, with temperatures of -8 to -11 in Montreal, and from -10 to -11 in Quebec city from Wednesday night to Thursday.

    Nothing exceptional

    The arrival of this storm was, however, nothing exceptional, ” explains Alain Roberge.

    “Already, in Quebec, there is snow on the ground, and in Montreal, the first storm normally occurs in the first weeks of December. So we can say that it is in the time, ” says the meteorologist.

    If it is possible that the freezing rain of the party, it could touch only certain areas, including the Gaspé peninsula, and does not present a major risk, ” adds Alain Roberge.

    It should be noted that Abitibi had already had a good overview of some of the coldest of the winter, since the temperature is nearly -30 degrees last night.