A fishing of 750 kilos

News 19 December, 2017
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    Based in the dominican Republic, the Sea Ya II and his crew made a stop at the island of St. Martin and sailed to Quebec.

    Félix Séguin and
    Éric Thibault

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 14:50

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 22:50

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    The journey reckless a rider from quebec who came South on board a sailing ship loaded with more than $ 37 million in cocaine ended up in a fish tail Tuesday.

    This close to the Hells Angels has been arrested in flagrante delicto off the East coast of the u.s., in the morning, with two other members of the crew of the Sea Ya II, who was carrying 750 kilos of the drug, has learned our Bureau of investigation.

    The Montreal-native, we can’t reveal the identity because it has not yet been charged, was made pin at the end of an investigation of international scope conducted by the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) with police organizations based abroad.

    An American and a European were also arrested after the u.s. coast Guard had boarded the yacht of 65 feet that was the Atlantic ocean, at the height of Maine.

    Via Saint-Martin

    According to our sources, the police believe that the drug was intended for the canadian market, at least in part, because of the presence of Quebec’s 43-year-old on the boat.

    The sailing yacht Sea Ya II would have its home port in the dominican Republic, where the Hells Angels of Quebec founded a chapter, in Cabarete, there are nearly 10 years old.

    According to our sources, the boat sold for 240 000 $ by its former owners 10 years ago – would have made a stopover at the island of St. Martin, in the Caribbean, have been able to observe the police officers who followed his journey since the beginning.

    Last September, the RCMP and the border services Agency had also intercepted a sailing vessel from Saint-Martin carrying 250 kg of cocaine on his arrival in Nova Scotia. Luc Chevrefils, 59 years old, Saint-Zotique, as well as a nova Scotian who was flying the small sailing boat of 29 feet had been arrested.


    A proven method

    It is rare that a boat full of cocaine is intercepted not far from Quebec in the month of December.

    However, the use of this type of pleasure craft by drug traffickers in quebec to import the drug does not date from yesterday. Several were caught before their order arrives at good port. Among them are :

    • In July 2004, the RCMP had arrested six people from Quebec off the coast of Nova Scotia, of which Roger Bourbeau and Martin Patry, of Longueuil, which came from Colombia on a sailing boat loaded with 500 kg of a white powder.
    • The following month, the ship of Luc Normandin, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, is seized off the coast of Puerto Rico with 750 kg of the drug to the board. Normandin had been sentenced to 17 years in prison, while the kingpin of the gang from the West, Raymond Smith, had been sentenced to 13 years in this case.
    • In 2007, Jean-Pierre Gagnon, a former journalist who was also political secretary of the ex-minister of the parti québecois Jean Garon, had been arrested in the Bahamas on a sailing ship carrying 226 kg of cocaine.

    On the black market montreal, the value of the drugs seized on Tuesday off the coast of Maine rises minimally to 37.5 M$, if we take into account that a kilo sells for $ 50,000 in Quebec. But once ” cut ” to increase the quantity and sold on the street, the same cocaine that can generate revenue five to seven times higher for the whole of its supply chain.