A flamethrower instead of a shovel: Resident of the United States unusually cleared the snow In the World : Vladim

News 21 January, 2018

A man from the us state of Virginia has decided to simplify the process of snow removal after a snowfall. On the street he came out with a flamethrower and melt all the unnecessary drifts.


A resident of Virginia, located in the United States, resorted to the use of weapons for simplicity. The road to his house was covered with snow. Instead of having to take a shovel and spread out the effects of cyclone, the man decided to use a flamethrower.

As reported by the American, he thought to do this after he learned that in the state there is no prohibition on the use of a flamethrower. Once again not to strain male spent fuel. By the result, he was satisfied, because after that the track was neither snow nor ice.

A man tells others to use his method. With the warning, you need to inspect the treated area, so there are no explosive substances.