A former police officer, has “given a chance” to drivers

News 8 July, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Martin Alarie
    Réjean Trudeau, who has been criminally charged, has retired from the police in Mirabel this year, after 34 years of service.

    Claudia Berthiaume

    Friday, July 7, 2017 22:32

    Friday, July 7, 2017 22:32

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    A former police officer of Mirabel, which is found in court to be “given opportunities” to motorists and handing them tickets least, has finally without criminal record.

    Several drivers of offending in the dream secretly : to receive a ticket cheaper than they really deserve.

    This wish came true for a few motorists who have crossed the route of the ex-officer Réjean Trudeau, who was on patrol in the Laurentians.

    The one who worked for the police in Mirabel for 34 years, has “given a chance” to at least four citizens who had not made their mandatory stop, according to what was reported at the palais de justice in Saint-Jérôme, Friday.


    But it is he who has paid the price of being criminally charged.

    The retired 54-year-old pleaded guilty Friday to a chief of corruption committed by a peace officer. This means that Réjean Trudeau has failed to fulfil his or her duties by handing out traffic tickets that do not reflect the reality.

    “I’m glad all that is behind me,” said Mr. Trudeau.

    Judge Michel Bellehumeur has agreed to grant an absolute discharge to the ex-policeman, after he had made a gift of $ 2000 to the Club des petits déjeuners.

    Réjean Trudeau will still have a criminal record virgin.

    Missions in Haiti

    It had been suggested that a common agreement by Me to Eric’s Side, of the Crown, and to Me, Ariane Bergeron St-Onge, of the defence.

    Photo Jocelyn Malette

    Eric Side

    “As a police officer, Mr. Trudeau has made of the humanitarian missions in Haiti and want to go back there to help the people “, argued Me Bergeron St-Onge.

    The facts alleged against the fifty-year-old back in 2013.

    From may to July, the police officer to retire, “operations stop” to check whether motorists stood still correctly a mandatory stop targeted.

    Mr. Trudeau has intercepted those who have violated the highway safety Code by failing to stop, or what is commonly called a “stop” to the american “.

    Such a ticket offence usually results in a fine being around $ 100 and $ 200 — plus shipping — and three demerit points.

    However, some drivers have rather received fines the amount of which hovered around $ 50 and that do not include demerit points.

    For example, Mr. Trudeau indicated that the citizen had failed to put flashing or that he did not have his proof of insurance.

    A motorist has been caught by the former officer had been entitled to this treatment previously, in 2010.


    If some drivers are willing to pay their fine, others contested in the municipal court, with success. The offences had been filmed by a camera in the autopatrouille.

    An investigation has been initiated by the internal affairs police of Mirabel.

    Note that at the time, a labor dispute between chef Alain Gariépy and the union, including Réjean Trudeau was the president.

    – With the collaboration of Christian Plouffe