A freezing of taxes for the citizens of Longueuil

News 15 December, 2017
  • Photo special Collaboration, Carl Vaillancourt
    The mayor of Longueuil, Sylvie Parent, said it was delighted by the freezing of taxes for the citizens in its budget for 2018. She was accompanied by the vice-president of the executive committee, Eric Beaulieu, on Thursday evening, after a municipal council.

    Carl Vaillancourt

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 23:10

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 23:10

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    Longueuil has managed a tour de force by freezing the municipal taxes even if the reform of the transit will cost $ 2 million to the City next year.

    The mayor of Longueuil, Sylvie Parent, has not hidden that the reform of the public transport has a high cost for residents.

    After 2020-2021, this will be near$ 4 Million that Longueuil would pay more.

    “We had a financial cushion. We used it to mop up the increase of this year. It is clear that the addition of$ 4 Million for future years has not its place if no improvement of the transport service is provided, ” said Ms. Parent, Thursday evening, at the city council, during which the budget was adopted.

    Rather than to increase taxes for the citizens, city council of the City of Longueuil have preferred to draw directly in the surpluses of previous years.

    Xavier Leger, the leader of the opposition, was keen to point out that Sylvie Parent objected to the freezing of taxes for the citizens during the election campaign. It had proposed an increase of less than 1% annually, without, however, freeze the account of the taxes of the citizens.

    “We are pleased that the mayor has understood the importance of respecting the ability to pay Longueuillois, what our team [Longueuil citizen] had committed to do during the election campaign. It has delivered the goods, ” said Mr. Léger, who is also the chairman of the finance Committee.

    Economic growth

    The economic development and real estate in Longueuil will help garner additional revenues of$ 10.3 Million for the year 2018 to be $ 412,3 Million$.

    “The excellent financial performance and our disciplined management of expenses helped to generate an economic dynamism without having to dig in the pocket of the citizens,” acknowledged the mayor Parent.


    In the same way as the income of the City, the expenditures increased to $ 412,3 Million$ in order to complete a balanced budget.

    Expenditures related to public works, which include repairs of streets and infrastructure, among others, have dropped$3 Million.

    However, a new project of $ 680,000 will improve the repair of potholes that are problematic in the region, according to the new mayor.

    Several infrastructure projects take shape also during the year, 2018, such as the seniors Centre, a cultural complex and the construction of a new aquatic centre.

    “The investments planned for the next year that will improve the quality of life of all the citizens of Longueuil,” assured Sylvie Parent.


    Budget 2018

    • Average value of residences: 273 000 $
    • Account average tax owners: 2590 $
    • Total expenditures: 412 M$ (+ 2.6% in comparison to 2017)