A grant of US $ 16,000 to have helped a client

News 10 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Saturday, 10 march 2018 10:26

    Saturday, 10 march 2018 10:34

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    A banal gesture of generosity has enabled a waitress of The Mark, in Texas, to raise US $ 16,000 to pay for his tuition.

    In a video that has become viral, we see the young woman, an employee of a restaurant, cut the steak to a customer whose hand muscles are atrophied, according to CNN. The man should also travel with an oxygen tank.

    “I have not been high to do harm to people, but to help”, has just explained Evoni Williams to CNN.

    A simple gesture that is worth to him now the recognition of the city Brand, which the city council has declared that the young woman would have a day dedicated to his name, will be on 8 march.

    The biggest surprise to him, though, came from the University of Southern Texas, which has awarded him a scholarship of US $ 16,000.

    “I was really impressed by the story of your act of kindness,” he said in a video message to Austin A. Lane, president, of the educational institution.