A group of Russian students a week can’t fly out of Thailand : In the World : Vladim

News 9 February, 2018

For more than a week a group of twenty students from Yakutia can not leave Thailand and fly home. The reasons for this is errors of the airline. Information is confirmed by local media referring to the representative of the regional Ministry of education.


As you know, the children arrived in the country to participate in an international cultural festival that took place in the provinces of Korat and Surin.

«It was a serious mistake made by the airline. They recognized it and organized it a good place to sleep and food. Due to the fact that the plane was vacant places, they are forced to fly in small groups of two or three children in each“- said the representative office, adding that children in Thailand are for a week longer than planned.

The website of the Orthodox Church in Thailand submits that, in turn, received from the Russian Ambassador in Bangkok Kirill Barsky request for providing students with all necessary assistance and support.