A happy couple having denounced the perpetrator alleged

News 22 February, 2018
  • Photo Claudia Berthiaume
    Eric Gendron and Annie Langlois have found the USB key in this coat, bought to the clerk to the beneficiaries André Tougas, accused of sexual assault.

    Claudia Berthiaume

    Thursday, 22-feb-2018 01:00

    Thursday, 22-feb-2018 01:00

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    A couple of Centre-du-Québec has never been so happy to be curious. “Sickened” to discover child pornography on a USB key and forgotten in a coat of opportunity, the spouses have denounced an abuser alleged.

    “For once my curiosity has been beneficial. If I could prevent there being other victims, it is so much better “, reports proudly Annie Langlois.

    Last August, his spouse, Eric Gendron, and she responded to an ad posted in a group on Facebook dedicated to the snowmobile.

    They wanted to buy a coat of Ski-doo snowmobiles, helmets and boots to a man called André Tougas, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

    Photo courtesy Sûreté du Québec

    Andre Tougas, inmate

    He is an employee of the 53-year-old accused Monday of sexually assaulting patients vulnerable of the department of psychiatry of the hospital of Haut-Richelieu, where he was working. Mr. Tougas is also accused of voyeurism in the place of several persons and the possession of child pornography.

    Financial problems

    According to our information, the officer would have said to the neighbours that he départissait of his property due to financial difficulties. He was fired after the complaint of a female patient in June of last year.

    “He told us that he was separated and that he was of the household “, has related the story of the couple Gendron-Langlois to the Newspaper yesterday, in his home in Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover, near Drummondville.

    Washing things, a USB key is fallen from the mantle.

    “We said : “We’re going to watch if this is something important and you will recall mr.” a “, described Mr. Gendron.

    The couple was horrified of what he had discovered on the storage device.

    “There were pictures of him naked, a naked woman in a chair in hospital, close-ups of the female sex. In another case, there was children all naked on a beach. It sickened ben stiff, ” explains the couple, who has two teenage girls.

    Duty to act

    Annie Langlois, and Eric Gendron have immediately contacted the police.

    “Children, it just wouldn’t do. We could not close the eyes on a matter of the same, it doesn’t make sense, ” says Eric Gendron.

    The USB drive also contained videos that show André Tougas him sexually assaulting patients. “We saw one, we thought that it was his girlfriend. It was not that he was servant to the beneficiaries, ” said Ms. Langlois.

    When he realized yesterday that his actions had contributed to the arrest of the man who is now facing eight charges, the couple was very proud of his initiative.

    – With the collaboration of Stéphane Alarie and Antoine Lacroix