A Hells deprived of its “patches” almost new

News 18 March, 2018
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    Jean-Richard Larivière, in 2016.

    Éric Thibault

    Sunday, 18 march, 2018 01:00

    Sunday, 18 march, 2018 01:00

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    A new member of the Hells Angels Montreal has suffered the affront to confiscate his “patches” almost new by the police during an investigation by the drug.

    Jean-Richard Larivière, nicknamed ” Race “, had received his jacket with the effigy of the Hells in march 2017, after having been promoted to member in good standing of the Montreal chapter.

    Last month, the Squad’s national crackdown on organized crime (ENRCO) has entered the “patches” — also called “colors” — the biker, of 50 years by conducting a search of a warehouse in the northern suburbs, learned of The Journal.

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    The jacket Hells Angels seized by the police officers of the ENRCO in one of the approximately 50 searches they have conducted in the last two months in the project of investigation Objection.

    The jacket was placed with clothing bearing the inscription “Support 81” and intended to make the promotion of the band, who have also become the hunting trophies of the police.

    The authorities may possibly ask for final confiscation in court. Judges have already ruled in the past that these jackets are adorned with the death’s head, winged Hells constitute “offence-related property” used to facilitate the commission of criminal acts.

    “Angels Forever… “

    Unlike his colleagues who prefer to the leather, Larivière was one of the only Hells Angels to have chosen a jacket-like fabric “camouflage” to embroider the club logo, the badge of the Montreal chapter, as well as a slogan that is not often found on such “patches” : GOOD, for ” Angels Forever, Forever Angels “. The police had already seen this jacket in a few gatherings. This seizure was part of the project of investigation Objection, which targets an extensive network of traffic of drugs is linked to many influential members of the Hells.

    No charges will weigh on Larivière or on any other biker in this case. We know, however, that the alleged head of the band, Mario Brouillette, and the dean of the Hells in Quebec, Michel ” Sky ” Langlois, received the visit of the ENRCO during this investigation, which has also allowed them to enter for$ 3 Million in drugs and money.

    Strict rules

    In the Hells, to make sense of its “color” by the police is seen as an insult.

    “The “patch” of the Hells Angels, it is the cornerstone of the organization, ” testified the sergeant Alain Belleau, expert of the SQ in the area of outlaw motorcycle gangs, in front of the Charbonneau commission.

    This also represents a source of annoyance to the rider stripped of his jacket iconic.

    First, the internal regulations, quasi-military of the club stipulate that all members “are obliged to have their jacket,” insisted the sergeant Belleau during this testimony, in 2013.

    The trouble is that they ” do not have the right to have more than one jacket in their possession, said a specialist in criminal intelligence.

    “Race” Larivière will therefore have to order another “set of patches” if he wants to participate in the gatherings of the gang, as the ” First Run “, the first exit in bike of the Hells, at the beginning of may.

    Logo embroidered in Austria

    In addition, the Hells can’t get “for any designer,” according to the sergeant-at-Belleau, specifying that the logo of the club would only be embroidered in Austria or in the United States. Not elsewhere.

    In addition, in Canada, there are the Hells of British Columbia who are authorized to order. “We had a catalog and you had to go through them to order,” said the police Dayle Fredette, a former Hells Angel become informer.

    These two informers of the operation SharQc have also identified some Hells Angels from quebec who have already been suspended by their band after having lost their “patches” in circumstances where the police was not involved.


    A disciple of the Nomads of the ” Mom ” Boucher

    Photo archive

    “Race” Larivière (right at the end with the tattooed arms) in the company of several Hells Angels Nomads during a trip in the south, on an undated photo. On the top row, there are notably Michel Rose, Normand Robitaille, René Charlebois and Gilles Mathieu.

    Imprisoned in 2001, when the war of the bikers was coming to an end, Jean-Richard Larivière was then plagued his brake for 16 years before you can wear the jacket with the effigy of the Hells.

    In the 1990s, Montreal was part of the Rockers, the late club-school chapter of the elite Nomads of the Hells, which were sponsored by none other than Maurice ” Mom ” Boucher. They engaged in a bloody war with the Rock Machine for control of the drug market.

    May 2, 1999, the Montreal police had also intercepted a Butcher and nine other Nomads wearing their “colors” Hells, escorted by Larivière and 13 other Rockers, riding without discomfort their Harley Davidson in the city centre, on the street Guy.

    At the time, the Nomads were making an annual turnover of $ 100 million with the sale of narcotics in the region of Montreal — flowing including 11 kilograms of cocaine and 3 kg of hashish per day.

    And this is after you have followed the comings and goings of “Race” Larivière that the police are able to know, according to court documents.

    The “bank” Nomads

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    The police had seized more than $ 2 million in the safety deposit box which was in an apartment serving as a cache of money and drugs in the Hells of the chapter Nomads, in January 2001, on the rue Beaubien est, Anjou.

    The investigators had learned of Dany Kane — another member of the Rockers who worked for the police before committing suicide in 2000 — that Larivière controlled “caches” of drugs and cash to the account of the Nomads.

    The mills police have demonstrated that Larivière, who rode in a Cadillac, was a regular at 7415 rue Beaubien est, Anjou. The police entered her secretly to install microphone and camera in what was, in some way, the “bank” of Nomads.

    “In the apartment, we heard the “ffrrttt” of the machines [from the money] to length of day “, was said in court, sergeant Richard Despatie, who had participated in the survey.

    On December 5, 2000, Lariviere has graduated as a “prospect” of Nomads and could expect to become a member of the Hells a year later.

    But on the 30th of January following, the police have closed the “bank” of Nomads entering a two million $ in a safe deposit box, $ 17 million in drugs and their accounting.

    The Nomads did not know “what had led police to search there,” according to the informer Sylvain Boulanger, but they knew she was preparing for a big sweep.

    On February 15, 2001, at the Holiday Inn on Sherbrooke street West, police first picked Nomads in full “meeting” around pictures of motorcycle rivals. Jean-Richard Larivière, who served as a bodyguard, was also arrested in possession of a handgun charge.

    A month later, the other Nomads were among the 138 arrests of the operation Spring of 2001. The chapter elite founded by ” Mom ” Boucher was abolished in 2004.

    Initially accused of five homicides, Larivière has been sentenced to 11 and a half years in prison after being convicted of conspiracy to murder, drug trafficking and gangsterism in 2004.



    “When we see members of the Hells Angels go to a place with their jacket, it is their way to go to demonstrate to everyone that it is their territory, that it is a place that belongs to them at the level of the control of narcotic drugs. “– Sergeant Alain Belleau of the SQ, in front of the Charbonneau commission

    “For a new member, it costs nothing, it is the club that gives it to him. Later, if his “patches” are finite or that the police seized, then he must pays his second “set”. “– Statement by the informer Sylvain Boulanger at SQ in 2006

    “If you lose your “patches”, you’re suspended. Otherwise, should you have a good reason as a crime. “– Statement by the informer Dayle Fredette to the SQ in 2011

    “Those who wear them use it as a tool of intimidation, and to show their links with the organization of the Hells Angels, which is renowned for its power and its violence. “– Judge Claude Gagnon, ordering the confiscation of “patches” of Hells seized by police in 2007