A hermit imprudent dies in a trailer fire

News 20 March, 2018
  • Geneviève Quessy

    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 01:00

    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 01:04

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    SAINT-CALIXTE | A hermit has died in a fire on a trailer while the owner was, however, warned of the danger of overloading the power grid.

    “It’s been several times I told him not to plug too many wires on the extension cord, that it was dangerous,” said Pierre Nadeau, owner of the land of the rue des Menhirs, in Saint-Calixte, in Lanaudière, where the victim was staying.

    Photo special collaboration, Geneviève Quessy

    Pierre Nadeau

    Dismayed to find that her tenant, Jean-Luc Delarosbil, a man in his mid-fifties, is dead because of his carelessness, Pierre Nadeau said they have had to intervene several times with him in the last days, because of ” brakers jumping up and down “.


    “It is as if I had seen it coming. I was worried the last time. It looks like it happened what had to happen “, he said.

    Monday morning, around 6 a.m., firefighters were awakened Pierre Nadeau. “They were trying to extinguish the fire that burned in the garage. This is where I told them that there was a trailer behind, with someone in it. “

    Son melted

    According to Mr. Nadeau, the firefighters would have found the body of the man, who died.

    In the last few days, Mr. Nadeau was forced to intervene to wire melted or interruptions of power, as much in the trailer where lived Jean-Luc Delarosbil that in the garage where the wires were plugged in.

    “I didn’t want that he lives in the trailer. He had a cabin next door which was heated. It’s been several times I told him that this is not a “heatable” a trailer in the winter. “

    Even if the victim claimed to have used a single space heater to ward off the cold in the caravan, Mr. Nadeau is convinced that it would turn more and that is what has caused the electrical overload caused the fire.

    He lived in the gap

    According to the owner, Jean-Luc Delarosbil, its tenant since three or four years old, had no job and lived a secluded life, without too much contact with his family.

    “Sometimes, I didn’t see it for several days. It didn’t bother me. It is for this reason that I took the liberty of staying there. “

    Investigators from the Sûreté du Québec were on the scene for a good part of the day. The spokesperson Marc Tessier confirms that the thesis of the problem electrical is preferred.