A hit release after three months in prison

News 9 March, 2018
  • Photo from the archives, Erik Peters
    Pouncing right into a wall on highway 720 in Montreal, Mathieu Allard has seriously injured the passengers that were aboard his vehicle.

    Michael Nguyen

    Friday, 9 march 2018 01:00

    Friday, 9 march 2018 01:00

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    A hit that has marred the lives of its passengers in the darkening drunk, and much too fast into a wall eventually spent a little over three months in prison despite a sentence that is six times longer.

    “I’m in shock. The decision to release him does not show the good example… he has broken lives, ” growls the voice, disappointed, Karine Lasalle, one of the victims of Mathieu Allard.

    Allard had been sentenced to 18 months in prison for a violent collision on highway 720 in Montreal, which occurred in march 2015.

    Archival Photo Chantal Poirier

    Mathieu Allard, hit

    Shortly before, the driver 30-year-old had taken part in a drunken night out when he wanted to continue the party in the city centre. He chose to get there by car, despite a warning of a person present.

    So it is with three passengers on board that Allard took the wheel while driving to tomb open, up to twice the speed limit.

    He wanted to take an exit to 84 km/h, while the recommended limit was 25 km/h when he crashed into a wall.

    Experts were of the opinion that Allard had between 94 mg and 152 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, while the legal limit is 80 mg.

    “You have disregarded the safety of others and have deliberately put in danger human lives, noted the Commission québécoise des libérations conditionnelles (AGENCY) in a report issued this week. Their lives and those of their families have been changed forever. “

    Finish his days in a CHSLD

    Karine Lasalle was output with minor injuries, while another passenger has had the perforated bowel. Robert Arel had even less chance, because at 31 years of age, he can no longer walk or talk. He was placed in a CHSLD, where he could stay until the end of his days.

    Photo courtesy

    One of the passengers, Robert Arel, has been placed in a CHSLD only 31 years old.

    The very bad driver, who had also been wounded, there will, however, passed the sixth of his sentence, in prison before obtaining release early. His good behaviour in detention and the low risk of recidivism have played in its favour.


    “You express the very significant remorse and empathy for the victims, added the AGENCY. [Incarceration] has had a significant deterrent effect, but it is the accident itself that had the greatest deterrent effect on you. You have a lot of remorse for having killed people. “

    But even if Allard was able to leave the prison, he will still have to comply with several conditions including not to drive and avoid drinking alcohol.

    In spite of everything, Karine Lasalle continues to believe that the hit would have had to serve his entire sentence instead of the sixth.

    “Already that it would have deserved a bigger award than what he has had, this is stupid. The justice system is rotten, ” she says, visibly bitter.