A homeless Gatineau is home to nearly 6700 $ with the sociofinancement

News 23 December, 2017
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    The story of Kenny has touched so many people with the approach of Christmas.

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    Saturday, December 23, 2017 09:04

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    GATINEAU | A citizen touched by the story of a homeless of Gatineau has decided to help him with a campaign of sociofinancement which has raised close to 6700 $ thanks to the generosity of more than 140 people, reported CTV News.

    Day after day, on the way to work, Norm Schrie crosses Kenny, a homeless man who has built a makeshift shelter on the edge of the Laurier street. “For over a year, I offered him clothes, food and money, but I have limited resources. My wish for Christmas is to get enough money to find him a small apartment,” explained Dr. Schrie on the page GoFundMe that he has created to raise donations.

    The answer did not wait. While it hoped to raise 4 900 $, Norm Schrie has rather received 6 $ 680 of perfect strangers affected by history of Kenny in just ten days.

    “No matter what I did, he remained in the street. Then, I wanted to try to help and it worked. He now has the means to get out of the street,” said Mr. Schrie to CTV News, saying that he believes that the amount raised will be enough for Kenny to start a new life.