A jockstrap to be wary of the actions of his boss

News 30 September, 2017
  • File Photo, Didier Debusschère
    Yvan Fortin, has returned to practice at the Centre d’implantologie dentaire de Québec, even if he is waiting for his criminal trial.

    Nicolas Saillant

    Saturday, 30 September 2017, 00:00

    Saturday, 30 September 2017, 00:00

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    Already accused of sexual assaults out of ten women, dr. Yvan Fortin, a leading authority on dental implants, was reportedly aggressive toward a female employee to the point where it last put on a support athletic to protect the actions of the dentist.

    Written off a year by his professional order after having been found guilty of eight charges of ethics filed against him, Dr. Fortin has returned to his law practice on the 1st of June last.

    The latter has, therefore, started to practise at the Centre d’implantologie dentaire de Québec, and this, even if he is waiting for his criminal trial. “He is not there often, it is in semi-retirement,” said an employee of the clinic.

    However, although he has been found guilty by the Order of dentists of Quebec and accepted the verdict without appeal, Yvan Fortin, has recorded a plea of not guilty in his criminal record. His trial for sexual assault on ten women should therefore be open on the 25th of October.

    During this time, the Order of dentists of Quebec systematically refuses to provide the decision of the disciplinary council concerning Yvan Fortin. “There is a lock-up full” on this folder, indicates France Gauthier, secretary the disciplinary Board.

    Psychological harassment

    The Newspaper has, however, been able to put the hand on the back of a complaint of “psychological harassment that is based on facts of sexual assault” filed by one of the employees of Yvan Fortin to the administrative Tribunal of the work. The latter has also denounced the dentist to the police of Quebec.

    According to the statement of facts, Yvan Fortin, has “repeatedly” and for “two more years “placed” gestures inappropriate of a sexual nature ” on his employee during surgeries.

    Dr. Fortin positioned in such a way that it supported his knee on the pubis of the complainant.

    The latter has also argued that the dentist is assured that she feels ” his erect penis “.

    When the employee tried to walk away, the doctor was blocking his chair with his foot, or “put a strong pressure on his wrist” to bring it to him. “Be your case, let’s concentrate “, was launched.


    The actions were such that the complainant worked even with a jockstrap. “She will be wearing it later during surgery “, is it written in the court file. After leaving his job, the complainant has filed a complaint with the labour Standards and the Quebec city police in August 2012.

    In August 2014, Yvan Fortin, has finally been accused of sexual assault on 10 women aged 25 to 47 years over a period of 20 years.

    Yvan Fortin

    ► 66 years

    ► Pioneer of dental implantology

    ► Has been cancelled in a year by the Ordre des dentistes du Québec, may 30, 2016 June 1, 2017

    • He was fined $1,000

    ► 8 complaints of women against the dentist to the Board of discipline

    ► 10 criminal charges from the alleged victims

    • Women between 25 and 47 years old
    • Period from 1992 to 2012
    • Two of the victims had been assaulted over a period of 14 and 16 years old

    ► Formally charged at the courthouse in August 2014

    ► The beginning of the trial scheduled for October 25, in front of a judge