A kid of 6 years old “miracle”

News 7 August, 2017
  • Photo Sophie Side
    Romaric Yankimadji surrounded by his three children Allaïssem, 7 years, Vinciane, 2 years, and Didier 6 years of age, who has had a narrow escape on Saturday afternoon.

    Sophie Side

    Monday, 7 August 2017 00:00

    Monday, 7 August 2017 00:00

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    The father of a family of Quebec believes that it is by miracle that his boy of six years emerged unscathed from a fall of three floors.

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    “I thank God for having saved the life of my child. It is a miracle, ” says Romaric Yankimadji, in which a drama would have been able to play, Saturday afternoon.

    The man arrived from the central african Republic two years ago, tells to have seen nothing, nor heard when his little Didier, aged six years, fell from the third floor of their apartment building, from the window of the room one of the boys.

    “They played together in the room. I was in the living room with my two year old daughter, ” says Mr. Yankimadji. I would have understood if they were chicanés, but nothing, ” says the tenant of the rue Désilets, Limoilou.

    The police came banging on his door after a woman passing by had alerted 9-1-1 have taught him that his youngest boy had a fall of fifteen metres, he said.

    Not crying

    “I came hastily out of the apartment in bare feet to go check what was happening. He was lying on the ground, he did not shout, crying not. I saw that he was out of danger, ” says the father of three children.

    According to the latter — who has harvested the versions of its children after the fact —, the two brothers were playing hide-and-seek when the accident happened. The younger himself would have climbed over the window — which was open — to eventually fall fifteen feet further down, he states.

    “The oldest didn’t come to see me to tell me. With the distance that his brother had just dropped (sic), it was panic for him. He went to bed in his bed, ” says Mr. Yankimadji.

    No injury

    Fortunately, the kid of six years old is “good” fell.

    After you have submitted it to a battery of tests at the hospital, doctors confirmed to the family that Didier had come out completely unscathed.

    Moreover, during the passage of the Log in Yankimadji yesterday afternoon, the boy was jumping everywhere. The only traces of the accident he was wearing were his bracelet, hospital and a small bandage on the arm.

    “There is no trace of injury, no, they told me, welcomes the father. It is a miracle. It fell on the back. If it had been the head, it would have been more difficult, ” -he dropped, thanking the bandwidth that has been called to the rescue as soon as she saw the child on the ground.

    The Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) has opened an investigation as a result of the events. On Saturday, he mentioned the possibility that the little victim was pushed by his brother.