A late goal from Paul Byron gives victory to the Canadian

Sport 9 November, 2016

shea-weber-gauche-celebre-avec(Montreal) Paul Byron grabbed a loose puck that escaped Zane McIntyre keeper with only 1:02 left in the third period and the Canadiens managed to escape with a 3-2 win against the Boston Bruins on Tuesday night at the Centre Bell.

For only the second time in its history, the Canadiens won their first eight games of the season at home.

We say that this meeting is another evening where “Canadian has found a way to win.” But it was not easy. Even that, frankly, the Bruins were the better team on the ice during most of the match.

More … Carey Price. Again. He pushed 41 washers to allow his teammates to grab last minute chance they had of winning the match.

Byron could not have found better way to reinforce Michel Therrien in his choice of placing it on the top line! In the morning, head coach had praised its speed, versatility and the fact that Byron was able to play with advanced players.

On the winning goal, Alexander Radulov scored his eighth assist of the season. Notably, this is all primary assists, so that led directly to the goal of a teammate. This is not trivial.

A recipe for review

Habs has a record of 3-1 in the last four games and yet this winning record hides a game that, even on Tuesday continued to be erratic. But the fact that Carey Price was able to make 41 saves still helped keep the CH afloat.

The Canadian prides itself on offering the tight game defensively, but we must admit that since five games, the floodgates were opened. During this period, an average of 40.2 shots hit his net. It is enormous.

After the meeting, Michel Therrien admitted that his team was struggling.

“This is not the right recipe to win games,” he said.

Asked Saturday about the volume of throws which his team was subjected, Therrien had pleaded that indiscipline and many numerical inferiority there were many. It is true that the Habs is one of the teams who had to sell most of punishments from the beginning of the season, and on Tuesday again, one of them allowed the Bruins to tie the game. However, the CH was caught out twice on Tuesday, the same as the Bruins. This has not prevented to concede his rivals a large advantage in shots. The Bruins dominated 43-23 and 63-47 in the chapter on penalties attempts.

That said, each offense becomes more expensive when the unit outnumbered seems disorderly.

The young David Pastrňák scored a crucial goal in the seventh minute of the 3 e period when he scored his ninth of the season during a power play. The Bruins exerted a lot of pressure in Montreal area and Carey Price had been called to win. But it remained a tiny second at the penalty Alexei Emelin Pastrnak when the cannonball was right Price. Suddenly, the Canadian gave an eighth goal in inferiority in its last five games, posting a poor performance of 61.9% during this sequence.

70 seconds of explosions

During the first 40 minutes, the Bruins and the Canadiens had concentrated their production on small 70 seconds during which the Habs had found a way to score two goals and the Bruins another.

Shea Weber opened the scoring on a power play when his famous slap shot beat rookie goaltender Zane McIntyre. Featured defender and scored his fourth goal of the season on the power play, which is half of the production team to 5-against-4.

Defenseman Colin Miller then benefited from a favorable rebound to tie the game. His shot missed the net, but the puck bounced in a funny way on the strip and ended up behind the leg of Carey Price, who, stepping back, inadvertently sent the puck into the goal.

Do not worry, Alex Galchenyuk did not take long to put his forward. Just 20 seconds later, he managed to beat Dominic Moore speed Bruins in the area to accept the pass from Alexander Radulov. He just had time to cast off the puck on the floor before the into the top corner with a superb backhand.

The Canadian has solidified its superb record of 11-1-1. It should rejoice to have such flexibility when addressing problems that could later come back on his nose.