A life-long pension to the veteran effective April 2019

News 20 December, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 10:48

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 10:48

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    OTTAWA – from April 2019, the canadian veterans will be entitled to a life pension, which will replace a series of existing measures into one.

    Veterans who cannot work due to a physical injury or psychological to be able to receive 90 % of the salary they received prior to the end of their service, or a minimum wage of 48 600 $, announced the department of Veterans affairs, on Wednesday.

    The replacement salary will also take into account a loss of increase of wages by 1% per year.

    Two other compensation for suffering and pain have also been announced by the federal government Wednesday morning. They are both non-taxable.

    A first monthly payment up to a maximum value of 1150 $ will be offered to life to veterans, depending on their level of disability. This allowance can be replaced by a lump sum of $360,000.

    A monthly payment additional is intended to compensate those who are suffering from a serious condition or permanently linked to their service and that hinders their reintegration. This amount will be 500 $, 1000 $ or 1500 $, depending on the case.

    The average amounts that are right the veterans are not known, the department of Veterans affairs, insisting several times on Wednesday to say that the case of each veteran is unique.

    The eligibility criteria have not been specified.

    The total value of the program amounted to $ 3.6 billion over the first six years.