A lobbyist pinned for “false statements”

News 11 July, 2017
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    Christian Perron
    Former vp of Pyrobiom

    Annabelle Blais

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 06:30

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 06:30

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    A business partner of the ex-political advisor to the minister Laurent Lessard, who received a grant a controversial$ 3 Million, just to be pinned by the lobbyists commissioner to ” false statements “.

    Christian Perron, former v. p. of Pyrobiom Energies, a company of transformation of forest residue, was awarded on June 27, two findings of violations for its lobbying activities. He led the company with Yvon Nadeau, one close to the liberal minister Laurent Lessard.


    In July 2016, the department of Energy has announced that it granted a subsidy to Pyrobium. However, The Journal revealed in September that, at the time the grant was reviewed and granted, the president of the company, Mr. Nadeau, who was political adviser to Mr. Lessard. It is only after you have received the letter confirming the grant, in may 2015, that Mr. Nadeau announced his departure.

    Yvon Nadeau was not registered as a lobbyist. This task was Mr. Perron, whose one of the mandates for the granting of the subsidy was targeted precisely to the ministry of Forests, headed by Mr. Lessard.

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    Yvon Nadeau
    Ex-political adviser

    In the wake of our revelations, the lobbyists commissioner had sparked an investigation. We learn now that the registration of Mr Perron as a lobbyist errors.

    The principal risk of fines totalling $ 1,000 for having declared a “information that he knows to be false or misleading,” one can read on the tickets.

    “I have incorrectly filled my form, defended Christian Perron, joined by our Bureau of investigation. I had put too many names of the ministers because I thought I’d go see them, but in the end, I do not need. […] I have the impression that they will find the bugs a little far. “

    In September, Mr. Nadeau agreed that the minister Lessard had been informed of the project Pyrobium, but that he had not been involved in the grant application. The relationship of the two men is not that professional, the member being also the godfather of the son of Mr. Nadeau.


    The office of Mr. Lessard had stated that Mr. Nadeau would ” never exchanged in any way on this topic [Pyrobiom] with Mr. Lessard “.

    In the months that followed the revelations of the Journal, the commissioner had bleached Mr. Nadeau. Mr. Perron could not give us more details on the fault alleged.

    “I asked for proof and I am still waiting. “

    He intends to enter a plea of not guilty. The commissioner is sparing in his comments on this case because the case will end up before the courts.

    Mr. Perron is a consultant and runs the company Éconerguide, a consulting company in energy efficiency. Since Pyrobiom and its directors have made headlines, Mr. Perron and Mr. Nadeau have put an end to their partnership.

    Mr. Perron has left the company, but Éconerguide remains a shareholder to 10 %.


    Back on “The case Lessard”

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    Laurent Lessard


    With his company Éconerguide, Christian Perron became the associate Pyrobiom.

    September 2013

    Yvon Nadeau, who had been policy advisor of Laurent Lessard, until June 2013, became CEO of Pyrobiom.

    January 2014

    Perron is registered in the registry of lobbyists in order to obtain a grant of$ 3 Million for a project for the conversion of forestry residues. On 10 February, a request for assistance is filed with the Office of efficiency and innovation energy. The signatory listed on the application is Yvon Nadeau.

    May 2014

    Nadeau returned to work at the constituency office of Mr. Lessard as a policy advisor to the economic, mineral and special. He remains CEO of Pyrobiom Energies.

    May 6, 2015

    Yvon Nadeau learns that Pyrobiom will receive$ 3 Million. He leaves the constituency office of Laurent Lessard.

    July 2016

    Ministers Pierre Arcand, and Julie Boulet announced a financial assistance to Pyrobiom.

    September 2016

    The Diary reveals the history. The lobbying commissioner and the ethics to open an investigation. We learn that the wife of Mr. Nadeau, Stephanie Donato, worked in the office of Mr. Lessard when the grant has been approved. According to the LinkedIn profile of Ms. Donato, she is assistant to the executive director in Pyrobiom since September.

    December 2016

    The commissioners to the ethics and Lobbying whiten Yvon Nadeau and Laurent Lessard.