A man leaves the hospital with the corpse of his father

News 15 February, 2018
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    Thursday, 15 February 2018 09:05

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    Wanting to meet the last wishes of his father, a man has left the hospital Anna-Laberge, Châteauguay with his corpse to be buried before sunset on Tuesday. The police opened an investigation on this event out of the ordinary.

    The body of the deceased was first taken to the hospital by ambulance in the end of the day Tuesday. Before entering the establishment, the members of the family wanted to obtain a death certificate and then leave. However, the hospital has a legal obligation to hand over the body to a funeral home accredited. The family then refused, that the body in the hospital.

    “There are very strict rules of preservation of the body for reasons of public health, in particular, has explained Jade St-Jean, spokesman of the CISSS Montégie-West. The family explained to us, it is that man, by his aboriginal background, had some beliefs that were in contradiction with what we could do.”

    The hospital says that he has never received a request like this before. The staff has then taken steps to determine whether there was a legal way to respond to the wishes of the person.

    While operations were in progress, the deceased’s son took advantage of a moment of inattention from the hospital staff to place the corpse in the car.

    “We would like to better understand in order to best react if the situation occurs again,” said Ms. St-Jean.

    In a video that he filmed in his car, the son explained that she did not understand why he did not have the right to take back the body of his father.

    The individual was then detailed his entire process in a video subsequent.

    The police have not made any arrests in this case. The investigators discuss with prosecutors whether to press charges against the man.