A man of Lévis pleads guilty to have assaulted a newborn baby

News 14 March, 2018
  • José Laganière

    Wednesday, 14 march, 2018 21:15

    Wednesday, 14 march, 2018 21:15

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    Julien Arbour pleads guilty to have assaulted a newborn baby on two occasions. “I’m not proud, but I have to admit that I’ve done.”

    The man of Lévis has admitted his guilt to three counts of the indictment, Wednesday, at the palace of justice of Quebec, or assault, assault and serious assault causing injury.

    The actions have been taken to the place of a baby who was only a few days of life.

    The first episode of violence occurred in December 2016. The child had been struck in the face, which caused him bruises.

    After appearing for the first time before the court, Mr. Arbour has been released under condition of never being alone with the child. However, in may 2017, while the child was aged five months, he took advantage of a brief moment of absence of a person who was in the company of the toddler to inflict injuries much more serious.

    “He dropped the child on a kitchen island, causing him a skull fracture. Mr. Arbour was subsequently shaken violently, so that the baby was crying in his crib,” said the Crown prosecutor, Michel Bérubé.

    We don’t know for the moment if the child will retain in the aftermath of the events. A medical report on this subject will be submitted in court. Submissions on sentencing, should take place on the 24th of July.