A man without a child would have recruited 25 caregivers

News 19 July, 2017
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    The trial of Frederick Beaudoin, 33 years old, is expected to last at least three days at the palais de Sherbrooke.

    Caroline Lepage

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 21:14

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 21:14

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    SHERBROOKE | a man without A child is accused of having used social networks to approach 25 adolescent girls in the eastern Townships, primarily so that they come keep at it. He allegedly touched the buttocks of one of them.

    The trial to lure it and touching sexual Frédéric Beaudoin began Wednesday in Sherbrooke.

    The main complainant was told that the April 16, 2016, she and her girlfriend are made in Frédéric Beaudoin to keep the child of her friend. However, there has never been a child during the three and a half hours that they remained on-site.

    17 $ an hour

    The two girls had been approached via Facebook by this man, that they did not know. He would have offered $ 50 for approximately 3 h of babysitting.

    “It was very good “, commented the main complainant, during the first day of the trial.

    When the two keepers were presented to the house of Mr. Beaudoin, he would be invited to listen to videos with him, awaiting the arrival of her friends.

    “The apartment was dark. It smelled like cigarette. We saw that this was not a place super welcoming to children. It was very small, ” said the teen, who was then aged 14 years.

    Never had children

    The two teens are are seated on the sofa in two places. They have questioned Mr. Beaudoin on the baby they were to keep and who couldn’t.

    Two times, the accused was sitting on the sofa, glued to the primary victim who felt ill at ease. The man complimentait.

    “My scarf was beautiful. I had beautiful hair, ” gives it as an example.

    When the young crossed legs, Mr. Beaudoin would have slipped to two times his hand under the fold of her buttocks.

    “It was subtle, but I felt “, has launched the one, who testified on Wednesday, at the courthouse of Sherbrooke.

    He changed his age

    The two guards have left the place after the accused was misled about the age of the alleged child that they had to keep.

    “At the beginning of the evening, he said that the girl was a year old, and then he said that she was two years old. It was understood that it didn’t work “, said the main complainant.

    After their departure, a friend informed them that his girlfriend had also been approached by the man to do the housework at home. They then complained to the police de Memphrémagog.

    The police has, in particular, seized the cell phone of the accused, who communicate via Messenger. Besides, 140 of its 145 contacts were women. Reading these messages allowed the police to find the 25 teenage girls who have filed a complaint.