A mayor of 24 years old who lives at home with his parents!

News 24 December, 2017
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    Sunday, December 24, 2017 18:35

    Sunday, December 24, 2017 18:40

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    The last election has given rise to surprises in some municipalities. In Saint-Zacharie, Beauce, in particular, the new mayor has just finished his university studies. He is 24 years old and still lives at home with his parents.

    “Politics has always interested me. I followed it on tv when I was young. The municipal policy is more close to the people and that is what attracts me,” says Joey Cloutier, the new mayor of his municipality.

    In all, four candidates competed for the position of mayor. A very high participation rate of 65.8% was registered for this election.

    Mr. Cloutier has made his campaign between Saint-Zacharie and Sherbrooke, who has just completed university studies in mechanical engineering.

    “I was very happy with the result. I think I’ve also had to work a little harder than the other candidates in the fact that I was not known.”

    The main priority of the new mayor is to keep in place the families at Saint-Zacharie, to prevent the exodus. It intends to increase efforts to attract new business on the territory of the municipality of 1644 inhabitants.

    “I’m probably the only one in Quebec”

    Joey Cloutier note an interest in young people to return to their municipality at the end of their studies. This is what the new mayor has done, he who is in the waiting to start a new job in a factory a few miles from home.

    In the meantime the purchase of a new residence also, Joey Cloutier returned to live with his parents. “I’m probably the only mayor in Quebec to live with his parents”, he said while laughing.

    The mother of Joey is said to be extremely proud of his son. “He’s gone away, because it was not known. It is well-known thanks to Facebook, and then its brochures and posters. He has worked very hard and it has been a beautiful campaign,” says proudly Claire Cloutier.