A member of the Communist party showed the children his penis in the suburbs : Crime news : Vladim

News 12 February, 2018

The Deputy of the Russian Communist party is deprived of immunity for a demonstration of minors of pictures of his sexual organ. The incident occurred in the suburbs.


According to the investigation, the defendant in the summer of 2013 dealt with the child molestation of Schoolgirls, his victims were girls aged 13-14 years. According to some information, the man struck up an acquaintance with children in social networks, communicate with them on intimate topics for several years, made using the network of indecent assault and showed his genitals.

The attacker is the party of Communists. It is known that he sent in social networks girls image of his penis, and showed a porn clip and communicated with them on topics of a sexual nature. About Pervy relatives recognized one of the girls who applied later in the interior Ministry. On this fact opened a criminal case.