A Montreal-based angry the platform: damage and unpaid rent, she said that she felt abandoned by Airbnb

News 14 July, 2017
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    Friday, 14 July 2017 16:08

    Friday, 14 July 2017 16:08

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    MONTREAL – A Montreal said they felt abandoned by the platform accommodation booking Airbnb after a tenant had trashed his apartment and refused to pay the rent.

    Party a few months per year outside of Quebec, Nadia Gosselin wanted to rent his apartment to make a few pennies.

    The woman found a tenant who would live in his apartment for a few months through the popular platform of the lease.

    When the tenant stopped paying the rent, Ms. Gosselin, always outside of the country, have contacted Airbnb to ask for help.

    “Get a response immediately,” says the website of the platform in california. However, this is not what has been found in Quebec.

    “We are told that we will answer in the shortest possible time. In my case, it took two months. I wrote them a dozen times always passing by the meandering of the web site. Two months to get a response,” explained Nadia Gosselin, in an interview with TVA News.

    Airbnb has finally assured the citizen that the company was going to collect the money from the tenant, which has been done for two months. And then, more money again.

    It’s on the way home from the emergency in Quebec that Ms. Gosselin has found that damage had been caused in his apartment.

    In addition to damage to a baseboard, the paint was peeling on several walls, because the tenant had not ventilated properly the places. Many books of the resident have also been broken by the tenant of Airbnb. All in all, Ms. Gosselin has found for 1300 $ of damage.

    When she finally managed to reach someone at Airbnb, on a Saturday morning, she then had 48 hours to send all the documents to the company.

    The complainant has sent a few photos and Airbnb has chosen to repay $ 100 to the client. Depending on the rental platform, the loose paint on the walls was due to normal wear and tear.

    “Airbnb, it goes well when it goes well. But when it goes wrong, it goes wrong,” said the Quebecer.

    Attention to rentals of more than a month

    An insurer has tips for citizens who may be tempted to do as Ms. Gosselin, and rent their apartment for a long period of time.

    If you are renting your apartment, your house or your cottage for a month or less, you have nothing to change to your insurance.

    However, if you rent your residence for more than a month, you must notify your insurer, recalled the broker and insurance consultant Louis Cyr.

    Your premium could then be adjusted or some of the goods may not be insured, he said.