A Montreal jail to have harassed feminists

News 15 March, 2018
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    Michael Nguyen

    Thursday, 15 march 2018, 15:53

    Thursday, 15 march 2018, 15:53

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    A Montrealer was sentenced to four months in prison for having harassed online feminist groups, louangeant, among others, Marc Lépine on their pages Facebook.

    “One day, you’re going to pay for all the evil that you do to men “, had written Alexander Chebeir on the campaign page Without yes, it’s not!

    The message was accompanied by a picture of Marc Lépine, the infamous author of the massacre at Polytechnique who killed 14 women in 1989.

    “#JeSuisLépine, was added Chebeir. We will avenge O Marc Lépine. “

    The accused 24-year-old had also written to the quebec Network in women’s studies by putting a picture of Lépine, adding the hashtag #JeSuisMarc.

    “The tragedy to which referred Mr. Chebeir in his messages has marked the history of our society,” said judge Yves Paradis on Thursday. It is clearly the result of a hatred towards women. “

    Women covered by Chebeir have been heavily affected by these comments misogynist.

    “References to Marc Lepine, him blood run cold, considering the symbol that represents the slaughter at the École Polytechnique,” commented the judge in reference to the testimony of one of the women.

    This last had affirmed that the behavior of Chebeir was part of a “logical misogynistic to women who take speech in the public space,” recalls the judge in his decision.

    The personnel of the agencies referred to in experienced stress and a sense of insecurity, and the directions have taken steps to ensure the safety of employees.

    “Even today, the fear persists,” noted the magistrate.

    Accused by 2016, Chebeir has finally pleaded guilty to criminal harassment. The accused, who is said to regret having frightened the victims, hoped, however, obtain a discharge to avoid a criminal record.

    The Crown, for its part, demanded six months in prison and three years of probation. Given the record, the judge ruled for four months of incarceration and probation.

    “Invoking [the tragedy of Polytechnique], by identifying with its author, and directing messages to such organizations, Mr. Chebeir was necessarily aware of the impact that would be created,” noted the judge.

    Once out of prison, Chebeir will be followed by the probation officers for three years, during which he will be forbidden to communicate with the staff of the québec Network in women’s studies and the campaign yes, it’s not!