A mother grieving feels forgotten

News 20 August, 2017
  • Photo Didier Debusschère
    Stéphanie Lachance has nothing moved, or almost, in the room of his son who was assassinated in November 2016.

    Jean-François Racine

    Sunday, 20 August 2017 00:00

    Sunday, 20 August 2017 00:00

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    After two expensive trips in British Columbia, where his son was murdered, the mother of a young man in Levis prepares to return to Victoria in denouncing our legal system ” that leaves very little to be victims of a crime “.

    “It is the injustice between the defence and assistance of the victims that makes me react. The accused is covered at 100 %. They have programs that cost millions. It is necessary to compare it to which is redistributed to the victims. The ratio should be quite dramatic, ” vigorously denounces Stéphanie Lachance.

    The 26 November 2016, his son Raphaël Bussières, 20-year-old was fatally wounded from a stab to Victoria, British Columbia. The suspect was quickly arrested after the fact.

    Justin Michael David Card, 27 years old, has been accused of murder not premeditated. The latter was dragging a heavy past justice for crimes, often violent.

    After having received the worst call of his life, the mother of the family took the first flight to the west of the country.

    Nearly $40,000

    “When I arrived, I knew that it was not going at all. It was almost obvious that he was not going to survive. I wanted to come back quickly to announce myself to his three sisters, ” said Ms. Lachance.

    In record time, she gathered the personal belongings of his son, in addition to selling its self there.

    In spite of themselves, both parents have returned to work quickly after the Holidays, a month after the crime.

    Up to now, the couple has spent close to $ 40,000 and hope to receive a support of about 8000 $.

    In may, the family returned to Victoria for the preliminary investigation. Prior to facing the accused in court, the mother had found photos of him on the internet.

    “There are amounts available for victims, but it has not yet had a penny. It must be independent, and I found it hellish to find the resources available. The Charter ensures fairness to the defence, but there is more fairness for the victims, ” said the mother.

    The Crown, who can count on good witnesses to substantiate his evidence, agreed to meet the grieving family. “My fear was to see an agreement for involuntary manslaughter. To the Court, it is the Crown against the defence. The victim does not exist, ” adds Stéphanie Lachance.

    An important role

    In Ottawa, the arrival of Justin Trudeau did nothing to reassure Stéphanie Lachance.

    “There is more of a relaxation of the rules. The dangerous people are in the street. With the criminal past of the accused, it was obvious that it was going to escalate one day. “

    The trial of about two weeks has been fixed on December 18, but it would be surprising that the procedures will begin before Christmas.

    “It is up to us to put pressure on the judge. This is all we can do. And, later, it will be necessary to go back before the parole Board. It is never finished. “


    “The assistance to victims, it is nothing. There is no clear guide. Where to go, who to call ? It doesn’t exist. Is it possible not to attend the proceedings ? No. We take our money and we go. “

    – Danielle Lachance, mother of Raphaël Bussières

    “For aid to the victims, the notion of reciprocity between the provinces does not exist. Therefore, you must live in the province where the crime took place in order to be considered as a victim. In the case of murder, some provinces of the case-by-case basis if, and only if, the family insists. “

    – Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu

    “There is no clause, extraterritorial jurisdiction in the law of compensation to victims of criminal acts (IVAC). It is sure that the government of Quebec does not pay for a round. “

    – The lawyer Marc Bellemare

    In dates

    November 26, 2016

    Raphaël Bussières is assaulted.

    November 28, 2016

    Death of a young man of 20 years.

    December 2016

    Justin Card, 27 years old, is first accused of aggravated assault before being formally accused of murder.

    May 2017

    The beginning of the preliminary investigation.

    December 2017

    The trial should be held.