A naked guy on LSD stopped only a stun gun In the World : Vladim

News 8 February, 2018

In the United States in Pennsylvania a young man under the influence of drugs (LSD), mind-altering, attacked his own family. The police asked for help father, when I saw the guy in inadequate condition.


Information of the incident spread by the American media. The teenager was taken care of, the body smeared with vegetable oil and attacked the people who were on the street in the car. Before leaving the house the young man knocked the door. The police saw the aggressor and tried to convince him of the need to stop playing the fool, but the attacker did not respond to recommendations of law enforcement. In the end police had to use a Taser. The guy nobody could get close due to ice. In the end, the young man rolled on the ground until, until I pulled out the wires from the Stocker.

Then the teenager rushed into the house, the police ran after him. To detain the malefactor turned out to be very difficult. When the guards approached the aggressor and tried to grab him, to do this failed, as buttered a guy squirmed like a snake. However, after several futile attempts of law enforcement authorities brought the offender to the police. He was accused of 24 episodes of ignoring the law. Subsequently, from the majority of the claims declined, since the victims did not want to write a statement for the relative.