A new déneigeur in the borough of South-West

News 13 December, 2017
  • Matthew Payen

    Wednesday, December 13, 2017 22:14

    Wednesday, December 13, 2017 22:14

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    After the multiple incidents of snow removal that occurred last winter in the South-West and that led to the termination of contracts of the contractor responsible, the district will start the season with a new manager.

    “This is not the same gang as last year (thank God !), now it is Canbec “, was launched on Tuesday on Twitter, the municipal councillor of the area, Craig Sauvé.

    Canbec was obtained by tender two contracts totaling $ 13.6 million to remove the snow for four years the streets of the South-West.

    The company had been the subject of an investigation by the Journal in January 2016, which showed that trucks of the contractor is supplied in the reserve of salt paid by the MUHC and would then dump it on the parking lots of various private clients, in addition to those in the hospital.

    Made aware of the problem, UPAC had announced that it would investigation on the subject. It has not been possible to know, on Wednesday, which was made this folder.

    Rigorous follow-up

    But for the mayor of the Sud-Ouest, Benoit Dorais, the choice of Canbec is not a problem.

    “The contracts have been voted unanimously to the city council,” he said. It is known that the company was the subject of an investigation, then we will follow very strict the snow removal operations. “

    The mayor states that for the spreading operations, Canbec will take care of the sidewalks and will provide its own salt, in contrast to what was happening at the MUHC.

    “We have ways to measure the amounts of abrasive and salt poured out “, also said Mr. Dorais.

    Photo Agence QMI, Dominick Gravel

    Benoit Dorais, Mayor of Sud-Ouest

    The Journal called Canbec Wednesday, but the person we talked to did not want to identify themselves, and has not responded to our questions, saying they are ” overwhelmed with calls “.

    According to the mayor Dorais, some complaints related to the snow that began on Tuesday have been made, but “nothing to do with last year,” he says.

    It must be said that the elected representatives and residents of the borough retain a bitter memory of the previous responsible for the plowing of their streets and sidewalks.

    Last winter, the trucks of the firm Tilings Of Love had resulted in a score of breakage, causing damage to particular benches and fire hydrants. Videos published on the internet also showed the muskeg pulling a bike for his attachment and spreading of litter bins in the street.

    The contract was terminated last may, four years before its term, and $ 300,000 had been withheld on payments made to Tilings Of the Love for the damage done to municipal infrastructure.