A new life for a small boy suffering from scoliosis

News 20 March, 2018
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    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 16:57

    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 16:57

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    MONTREAL – A young 4 year old boy suffering from scoliosis underwent major surgery Tuesday at the Shriners hospital for children of Montreal to straighten out his spine.

    The surgery is not without risk, has mobilized a dozen nurses, technicians, radiologist, and physicians for about 5 hours.

    A GPS who guides the movements of the surgeon was used to operate the small Anthony, as well as a system of mobile imaging and three-dimensional images.

    The surgeons of the Shriners hospital for children of Montreal perform a hundred operations of this kind each year, with a success rate of 96 %.

    The boy’s mother feared that the spinal cord of Anthony is damaged, but all precautions have been taken to correct the scoliosis including the small suffers since its birth.

    “During the procedure, it sends small electrical currents that depart from the area motor of the brain and we can see that the musculature is contracting. It also sends small electrical currents to the feet and one note, in the area of sensory in the brain, amplitudes,” explained orthopedic surgeon Jean Albert Ouellet.

    “During the whole procedure, ensuring that the spinal cord has a good electrical conduit to ensure that no gesture that would not be able to endanger the spinal cord,” added the surgeon.

    Anthony is expected to recover quickly from her operation, but will remain in the hospital for the next five days before you can return to the house.