A nice gang of hypocrites

News 8 July, 2017
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    Richard Martineau

    Saturday, July 8, 2017 05:00

    Saturday, July 8, 2017 05:00

    Look at this article

    Do you know what I find more disgusting with political correctness ? It is that it pushes us to be hypocrites.

    The people, now, are so afraid of going for fascists, racists, sexists, macho and more, that they say things which they do not believe it for two seconds.

    I’M COOL

    “Ah, yes, I am for openness and diversity. It is necessary to stop to freak out in front of the women who wear a full veil, live and let live… “

    Do you think for two seconds that the people who said it would hire a woman veiled from head to foot to keep their children at home or to be a receptionist in their company ? Of course not, never in a hundred years.

    But it does not matter, they say it because it is cool, because it looks good and it is the right thing to say in 2017.

    “Ah, me, I’m all for diversity in body, and I find that the people who weigh 600 pounds are fine… “

    Come on ! Ladies, be honest : would you buy a fashion magazine with an obese morbid on the cover page ? No, of course not. Because you want to be the woman on the cover, it represents how you perceive yourself, how you would like it to be.

    Ditto for the guys : we don’t want to see a superhero with a pot belly, men-boobs and love handles… If we wanted that, we would look in the mirror.

    Likewise, ladies, if you go to a nightclub, tonight, who are you going to dance : the server latino with a six-pack or the double of Marcel Aubut ?

    Let’s be serious two seconds.

    It makes me think of this young feminist hyper coquette that borst culture of appearance, but who fills his account Instagram beautiful photos of her. More narcissistic, you die.

    But oh ! as it is against the dictatorship of the look, oh ! as it is against the cult of beauty and youth.

    Hypocrites, I tell you.


    The worst are the artists.

    Always to show to what extent they are open, responsible, generous, compassionate…

    The artists are salesmen, and the product they sell, it’s them. Then they have a vested interest to show themselves in a favourable light.

    But between what they say and what they do, there is often a big, big gap.

    “Ah yes, me, I’m green ! “

    Well would like. You have a monster house, a country house, a Jeep, four bathrooms, a heated pool and you do three trips per year by plane…

    And it’s weird, but your girlfriend is as big as a shallot, and it does neither sailing or burkini.

    And if you went to the Safari Park with your children and that you saw one hundred people pray (Buddha, Jesus, Allah, or Rael), you’d be the first to find that it doesn’t look great.

    But is this what these celebrities would say that to the great mass of the Sunday, before the pope and his verger ?


    And after that, we say that we want transparency.

    Ben yes, you.

    We live in the era of the bullshit.