A Norwegian national was sentenced to 17 years for killing wife-Russian women

News 6 December, 2017

The killing of the Russians was the cause of the issuance of the district court of Oslo accusatory sentence of 17 years imprisonment citizen of Norway. Information local press indicates that the woman was also his wife.


The incident occurred in the summer of 2016 near Trosterud. Unknown attacked a woman with a knife and struck her several blows. Doctors, who arrived at the scene were unable to save her life.

The Prime suspect in this case was the husband of the Russians. His attitude was held for psychiatric examination which failed to establish that the man was sane. In addition, his crime, he coolly planned in advance.

The investigation indicates that the convicted person was born in Afghanistan, but most of life spent in the Russian Federation. Together with a Russian woman he decided to move to Norway in 2003. Among the causes of the tragedy is also called protracted family conflict between married couple.